Foundation Link Building

We will conduct a link building campaign to improve your site’s link popularity. We will identify relevant directories that qualify as good link partners and solicit links from these sites. Identification of these sites will be made through a combination of industry research, competitive analysis, and consultation with the client. All links will be from credible sites. In no case will we use “link farms” or false domains to artificially boost your link popularity.

Our link building campaign will focus on adding high-value links that can improve your rankings. In addition, we will work with your staff to ensure that we take advantage of linking opportunities in your other marketing campaigns.

In foundation linking, the emphasis is developing links from established directories that will provide legitimate back links to your site. These links are provided for a fee, and typically are renewed on an annual basis. The fees paid for consideration on these sites are to be paid by the client. As a part of this effort, we will develop titles and descriptions for the site for placement in the directories using keywords provided by the client.

Relationship Link Building

In this program we will locate and evaluate prospective linking opportunities for your site. We will consider a variety of criteria in evaluating the prospective sites, including their popularity, focus, demographic, and other criteria. After culling, the best prospective sites will be reviewed to determine the viability for linking partnerships. We will provide to you a prioritized list of prospective linking sites.

Relationship link building takes link building beyond the foundation links developed in the Foundation Link Building program and looks for specific, industry-related, high value linking partners. After identifying the target site and determining ownership, personal contact is made with the site owner/maintainer to determine if a linking partnership can be developed. Typically, links from these sites are only available for pay (either a one-time fee or a periodic, recurring payment). Working within the funding parameters you help us to develop, we will negotiate the price, develop the relevant linking details, coordinate installation of the links, and insure that the links are installed and remain in place.

Social Media Link Building

In the past year and a half social media has grown at a rapid pace. The potential audience reach through social media is huge. There are many advantages to integrating key social media components into your website; from driving traffic from alternate sources beyond the major search engines, to how these sites can assist in search engine optimization, this will also become a major part of the project.

This program is centered on leveraging the linking opportunities that exist at various social media sites and other content-related linking opportunities. These linking opportunities involve more than simply initiating links – they involve the creation and distribution of original, SEO-targeted content that will improve the distribution of your links well beyond the original distribution list. There are several interrelated types of linking that can be performed under this program. We will work with you to develop, optimize, distribute, and track the performance of various social media outlets: Some of the areas we may exercise include:

Optimized Press Releases – Press Releases are a good way to get positive information about your site out on the web. Optimized press releases expand the life of press releases and extend the reach through wider distribution. We will develop, write, and optimize the release and once approved, will distribute the release online and in RSS format allowing automatic pick-up of your release on related sites.

We handle the online distribution of the press release through an online distribution service. After the press release is submitted, we will provide metrics on the distribution of the release, including placement on the major news search engines, page views of the release, and downloads of supporting materials (e.g. white papers, high resolution photos, etc.) that might be included with the press release materials.

Content Development and Syndication – This package combines PR, branding, link building and SEO all into one. In this program we develop informative high quality articles on subjects related to your industry. The professionally written articles are propagated over different content sites for distribution across the web. Most sites can expect to acquire a minimum of 14 keyword rich links per story. Articles also provide content for site which in turn provides opportunities for keyword expansion.

Image, Video, and Podcast Optimization – In Spring 2007, Google introduced “universal search” into the results pages. This has been proclaimed as the biggest fundamental change in search since Google’s introduction of Page Rank. Now images, video, blogs, podcasts, and other type files can be found in the results pages. This means sites must do more than optimize their web sites. They must expand in multiple areas of fall behind the competition.

Blog Consulting and Optimization – The use of blogs that compliment your main web site is an effective strategy to build traffic and increase online visibility. We will create and maintain an blog that can greatly increase your main site’s positioning.


Press Release Distribution: is the process of submitting a press release article (and related materials) for publication on other websites. These websites are made aware of the article and can publish the article, at their discretion. Press releases are typically announcement, or “news” type articles such as “ Slated to Go Live Jan 1”, or “ Customer Satisfaction at an All Time High”, etc.

Content Syndication Submission: is the process of submitting articles for other sites to publish (at their discretion.) These types of articles are editorial style submissions, such as “How to decorate your dorm-room”, or “Most popular posters of 2007”.

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Campaign Management

We will develop, monitor, and refine an effective Pay-Per-Click Marketing Campaign, including keyword selection, appropriate bidding strategies, optimizing creatives to get the highest click-through rate at the lowest price. We will also maintain your PPC accounts so that only the minimum amount of money is spent to get the maximum number of qualified visitors. We fine tune your PPC campaign to ensure the best combination of keywords, creatives, and landing pages is used to bring traffic that converts to your site. Over time, our approach can reduce your monthly PPC spending and improve your return on investment.

A few of the key features of our Pay Per Click Campaign Management include the following:

PPC Monitoring – Frequent monitoring of PPC activity will allow us to adjust the Pay Per Click Keyword Buys to ensure the best return on investment. Some of the many variables we review when evaluating PPC performance are the creative itself, the landing page, the placement of the creative, the day of the week and even time of day. Modifying any of these can result in a change in performance.

Non-Performing Phrases Culled – If a phrase is clearly not performing, it will be removed. Other keywords may be rotated in and tested. Often we will leave in lower traffic volume, but highly focused words as these often turn out to be the jewels of conversion. Many vendors overlook them because they are low traffic words, but surprisingly they often bring very high conversion rates.

Sensible Bid Management Strategy – We understand there is a relationship between ad position, click through rate, and conversion. We know that the top ad position may produce the most clicks and can be effective in branding, but we don’t assume that is the best position for your ad. In fact, in most cases, due to the compulsive clicker syndrome, the top spot is usually the most expensive, yet rarely produces the highest conversions. As part of the process of optimizing your PPC campaign, we will test ad positions with different combinations of keywords, ads and landing pages to determine the best ad placement for your ads.

Effective Site Descriptions – One advantage of PPC listings is that you have full control over the text used to describe your website in the search engine’s results. With this control over your creatives we can ensure that they are compelling and differentiate themselves from the other search results. This ability to place specific descriptions of your site in the ad creative is an effective way to further your company’s brand.

Optimized Creative – An effective ad grabs the prospective buyer’s attention and entices them to click on the ad to find out more. We create compelling copy and then tests multiple ads to determine if one ad is more effective than another. Using click through and performance statistics, we let quantitative data determine the most effective ad.

Effective Landing Pages – The most effective campaigns send visitors from a PPC ad to a focused offer page, called a landing page instead of the home page. The landing page has an important role: it answers the question in the visitor’s mind and moves the visitor to the next stage in the buying process. We will create well-designed landing pages that improve conversion and overall user experience with your site.

Extensive Testing – We use a variety of techniques to fine tune keywords, ads, and landing pages. Click through rate analysis, split testing, ROI tracking, and usability testing all contribute to creating the best keyword, ad, and landing page combination. Sometimes a subtle modification to an ad title or a slight change in the placement of an image on a landing page can produce a dramatic change in the overall conversion rate of the ad. We will work with you to build and test to ensure the most effective combination.

Communication and Reporting – We encourage an open door policy and frequent communication with all clients. We will provide customized monthly reports on the status of the marketing campaign. These reports are essential in addressing problems that emerge and invaluable in ensuring that our bidding strategy follows your wishes.

Summary of Pay Per Click Program

    Our Pay Per Click Program will:

  • Perform all keyword research
  • Perform on-going management of the PPC account
  • Work with portal account manager (Google AdWords) to update account, change account, and manage budget.
  • Add, delete, and modify campaigns to include keywords/phrases that resonate with potential visitors of your website.
  • Establish and maintain a reasonable (and previously agreed upon) cost per click for each campaign. To ensure maximum return on the bid price, bids will be monitored and adjusted frequently to make sure that you are only spending what is necessary to reach the desired position.
  • Develop and optimize the creatives for each campaign to ensure the best click-through rate possible. Modification of creatives and testing of new ones will be performed regularly.
  • Work with you or your marketing group to establish specialized website pages or landing pages, if these are needed.
  • Monitor paid search traffic and performance through the site from these programs on a monthly basis and provide a written executive summary for management on a monthly basis. The executive summary would include website trends in online marketing and any important red flags or real big wins your site has achieved in this area.
  • Slow spending or increase burn rate (by lowering and raising bids and budgets) based on your needs.
  • Maintain regular contact with your staff to facilitate communication and discuss PPC performance. We has an open door policy and encourages clients to contact us if they have any questions or concerns.

Pay-per-click advertising spaces included under this proposal include:
1. Google AdWords and Yahoo Search Marketing

Pay Per Click campaigns have become an integral part of search engine marketing. One of the most compelling attributes of pay-per-click engines is the flexibility they can provide to the advertiser. As we will be actively managing your accounts, we can set caps on the total amount to spend over a given time frame, change keyword bids as needed to optimize our target traffic click through rate (CTR) and cost-per-click (CPC), and/or ratchet spending and associated traffic up or down at a given time – all depending on your needs and goals at the time.

PPC Program Deliverables:

1. Monthly executive summary report of all PPC activities.

PPC Monthly Management fee based on the media spend and expected hours to maintain the account. Larger spends are more sophisticated requiring higher levels of bid management, more keywords and ads, more testing, and more custom landing pages.

The cost of the Pay Per Click advertising campaign has two components:

1) Media Spend
Media Spend is what the search properties charge for click-thrus to your site and is billed directly to the client credit card at actual cost.

Campaign Management fees cover development and management the campaign and have two components:
a) Campaign Development/Clean Up Fee The one-time fee is for Google and Yahoo. This fee is required to cover our time due to the labor intensive nature of the start up/clean up process. Includes time for keyword research, ad development, as well as time to configure and test the PPC account.

b) Monthly Management Fee Monthly campaign management fees cover the costs associated with ongoing maintenance on the PPC accounts, development of monthly reports, and coordination meetings to discuss progress.